Annual Children’s Day

Each year, Moʻokini Luakini welcomes thousands of Hawaiʻi’s children, culminating in Na Mamo o Hawaiʻi Nei, Children’s Day. This nationally acclaimed program transforms the historical site into a living classroom as the docents impart to the students their knowledge, spiritual deference and respect. An open invitation to all school-age students (elementary through high school) to learn about how native Hawaiʻian people lived and worshiped in ancient times, this is a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the legends, the cultural practices, the structure and meaning of this historical site, and the vision for the future.

Children’s Day is held each November during Ka Makahiki (the Hawaiʻian Thanksgiving). This annual event has grown to include children from the world over, all eager to experience the sense of beauty and peace that washes over those who visit.

Leimomi’s commitment to the children of tomorrow has turned what was once only a vision, and a seemingly-impossible task, into an annual event of substance and new life.